CFSQS: Certified Food Safety & Quality Specialist

Food safety and consumer protection are the most important aims in the manufacture of foods. The main responsibility for food safety lies with the food manufacturer. Observation of the duty of care is part of the basis of food operations.

A high standard of hygiene strengthens the market position of a food operation.

CFSQS: Certified Food Safety & Quality Specialist :

· understand that food safety and consumer protection are the reasons for adhering to the hygiene rules in the factory ...

· recognise the connection between product quality and hygiene measures ...

· explain food hygiene as a contribution to consumer protection

· justify hygiene measures as protection against diseases.

· Biological dangers are micro-organisms such as e.g. bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses.

· Many foods form a good nutrient medium for micro-organisms and also disease pathogens.

· Undesirable micro-organisms can be kept under control through the effects of temperature.

· Micro-organisms can also exist under unfavourable conditions

· Others

Who can attend?

Food specialist, food manager , safety manager ,Quality Manger



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Certificate & ID


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