CFPS: Certified Fire Protection Specialist

During the course delegates will gain and demonstrate to a level of competence on how to take command, organize and train fire parties and control firefighting operations. The delegate will acquire a knowledge of fire prevention and an ability to inspect fire detection, alarms extinguishing systems ,hoses and equipment.

•The relevant procedures with alignment to international legislation and standards


•General Fire Safety

•Fire fighter roles and responsibilities.

•Warden roles and responsibilities.

•Marshal roles and responsibilities.

•Professional response to trauma

•Fire detection system

•Fire alarm system

• Fire firefighting system

• Organize and train fire parties ,Fire drill

• Inspect fire detection ,Alarm, fighting systems and equipment

• Investigate and compile reports on incidents involving fire

• Fire Risk Assessment

Who can attend?

Safety specialist, safety manager



Certificate & ID

Certificate & ID


Multi-choice exam


750 US$ + VAT

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